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Welcome to the offical website of the Ulm/Neu-Ulm organization.

The Ulm/Neu-Ulm organization was officially founded in the beginning of March 2010.

Self-concept / Our vision



By means of voluntary action of our members of the Ulm/Neu-Ulm organization of Engineers without Borders [EwB] (registered society) we aim at substantially improving the standard of living of the rural population in developing countries. The main focus of our long-term substantial projects is cooperating with the local population and involving them in our projects. These projects are of a distinct technical character which precisely distinguishes the Ulm/ Neu-Ulm organization from other NGOs. Since our long-term goal is to create job opportunities for the local population, we wish to initiate and oversee structural changes. The intercultural exchange between the region of Ulm and the developing countries is a further priority besides transferring knowledge and training [to the local population].

The Ulm / Neu-Ulm organization offers everybody who might be interested the chance to make a contribution to improving the standard of living in developing countries by working with us and thus also improving your own capabilities.

 Our current project:

  • Electrification of schools and community centers via Pico-solar systems in Mozambique

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Some of the goals of our regional organizations goals for our projects
  • deeply rooted in the region
  • close networking with the local economy, universities, NGOs and population
  • networking intermediary
  • a large number of efficiently cooperating members whose capabilities improve by their engagement
  • transfer of knowledge
  • new members appreciate our work
  • members enjoying their work for the regional organization
  • professionality
  • reliability
  • clearly technical focus of the organization facilitating new ideas/ fields
  • contacts to experts
  • focusing on useful long-term projects in the field of international development incl. project review
  • close cooperation with local population + transfer of knowledge
  • our work is meant to promote the local economy and create jobs in order to offer the local population a brighter future
  • unanimously passed, group-internal catalogue of project criteria
  • international and intercultural networking of the Region of Ulm
  • promoting partnerships and mutual understanding
  • executing projects according to the IngoG ordinance

In order to reach our mutually formulated goals we founded various task teams. Each team is responsible for the success of the whole regional organization. The main focus here lies on successfully executing the projects. The results of each team are presented and discussed on a regular basis at the meetings of the regional organization. Depending on your field of interest you are welcome to join one of the task teams without any obligation and get to know our work. We prepared an organigram of each task team so that you can gain a deeper insight in each team beforehand. This organigram shows the goals and principal tasks of each team.

All organigrams will be uploaded in a couple of days.

We are looking for committed people (no specialization is required) who are interested in an active engagement and are looking forward to your contacting.

Contact to our regional organization:

In the column „contact persons“ you will find all contact persons of our regional organization. You are also welcome to send us an email: Hyperlink-Symbol ulm@ingenieure-ohne-grenze.org