Portraying Our African Partners: Steven Beingana

“I am Steven Beingana and I am the Director of Suubi Community Projects, Uganda. Suubi community Projects Uganda, also commonly known as SUUBI, is a community based organization working in rural areas of Uganda. Our main goals are improving access to safe and clean water, improving infrastructure for schools and health facilities.”

- Which aspects of your work do you like most?

“I like training and empowering communities to fully take charge and be responsible for the sustainability of the project infrastructure.”

- Which role does African Union Day play in your country/ for you?

“Unity and Solidarity are very important for any community. This is what the African Union is about. On this African Union Day, we are reminded to unite and live in solidarity, as this is the only sure way for us to foster the development of the African continent.”

Thanks to SUUBI and our other African partners, we are able to support communities by building infrastructure. We would like to express our gratitude and say thank you to our African partners!

Here you can find more information about Steven and SUUBI.

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