The Water is Light Project

Water is Light is a project in cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg (Fakulty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) and Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.(Regionalgruppe Regensburg).
Originally, the project was initialized by GREEN STEP e.V. in the year 2010.
The purpose of the project is to develop pico hydro turbine systems for developing countries. The design is adopted to a not-industrial manufacturing with avoidance of complex machining and maximum use of local material. Thus we see the product as a vehicle to teach, train and to motivate people to start their own business. Target is to support organisations like Vocational Training Centers or Technical Schools in order to multiply the knowledge.

Background of the project

The origin of the project is based on the fact that in many rural areas in many countries of Africa and other developing countries worldwide sufficient electricity supply is not present. In addition the costs of fuel for power units are very expensive. However, in many countries water power often in form of small rivers is available, which would enable a constant electricity supply for few houses or a village near these rivers. For this reason the aim is to develop an open source and "do-it-your self" low power water turbine, requiring a flow rate of approximate 30 liter/sec and a water head of 2m. Also one goal is that the components of the turbine are available in the developing countries or can be imported easily. With these precondition we hope that we are able to contribute zu the concept "help for self-help".
Heads up, there is lot of stuff to do.


This side is actually under construction.