4AVision Collects Funds for the Iganga Centre for the Blind


4AVision Collects Funds for the Iganga Centre for the Blind

With their new interpretation of the famous song "Christmas Time", 4AVision is raising funds for our project in Uganda: "Shelter, Sanitation and Clean Water for the Iganga Centre for the Blind".


These four band members have a vision and stand up for it!

4AVision, that's Thilo, René, Basti and Chris. Four former colleagues who met in the workplace. For many years now, they have been helping highly skilled professionals to realize their career aspirations.

4AVision is proof that these guys are also a perfect match in their private lives. For people like them, no path is too far and no goal unattainable. No wonder they now want to change things for the better outside of work, too.

4AVision are kicking off the holiday season with their interpretation of the Bryan Adams classic "Christmas Time". From the first time you listen to it, you can already tell how much fun the four of them had during the recording sessions - but these guys have more than just fun on their minds.

With "Christmas Time", 4AVision is calling on everyone to support their favorite Engineers Without Borders Germany project. All proceeds will go to the "Iganga Centre for the Blind" in Uganda.

The Iganga Centre for the Blind

At the "Iganga Centre for the Blind", around 80 visually impaired students have the opportunity to receive an education. There, they learn to read and write in Braille. They are accompanied by teachers who are also visually impaired and who not only impart school knowledge to them, but are also there for them and accompany and support them in their daily challenges.

Unfortunately, not all visually impaired students have the opportunity to live directly at the school. Some have to travel long distances and are dependent on help. And those who currently live at the school have to put up with poor living conditions. They do not have safe access to clean water and their toilets and shelters are in very poor condition. In addition, there is a lack of special paths for the visually impaired.

We support the school with various construction projects: Improvement of the water supply, sanitary facilities and hygiene, accommodation for students and teachers as well as paths with guidance systems for the blind.

For 4AVision, this project in Uganda is close to their hearts and theirfore they would like to support it.

With the new interpretation of the Christmas classic "Christmas Time" they are launching a call for donations for this project. All proceeds from the music project will benefit the "Iganga Centre for the Blind" in Uganda.

Support this project, too!

4AVision - Charity Project: Iganga Centre for the Blind, Uganda

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4AVision - Charity Project: Iganga Centre for the Blind, Uganda